Did you find my website enjoyable, informative, inspiring, funny, useful, just plain awesome? Did you read something that you feel was just what you needed today?

Why not consider giving a tithe? Let me explain.

I believe that giving tithes is the future of our planet’s economy. Instead of going to a work-place to produce “stuff” (which can be anything from quarterly budgets to wheat, from corporate announcements to video games) and then receiving a sum of money in return, each of us will simply give because we feel compelled to do so. If someone helps you in any way, you’ll simply give something of worth as a thank-you. You wouldn’t worry about running out of anything, because you know that you would receive what you needed later down the road.

  • James Redfield’s book The Celestine Vision speaks of a future economy that is based on synchronicity and information. The concept is a bit deep to get into here, but it’s inspiring to think of a human society that’s based on the higher purpose of our souls.

It sometimes takes baby steps to change our society, and we can be part of that change. We can give out of love and not because we feel any obligation.

If you don’t wish to give a tithe, considering giving to another website author who has inspired you today. If this doesn’t speak to you, you can even give to someone on the street. Or, you can send me loving vibes by writing me a thank-you note. I am surrounded by abundance and beauty and by giving and receiving, every day, I want all of us to feel the flow of the Universe’s love.

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