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I have learned over the years that love is what makes the world go ’round. A genuine “thank you”, real heart-felt gratitude, is a fantastic way to express love and keep it flowing.

So, here I express gratitude for those who have helped me come to the place I am in my life right now, or who have helped me in some other way.  This is my version of the “Acknowledgment”  page authors often include in their books, but “thank you” just sounds much more personal!

Thank you to my husband

  • My husband and I have been together many years, through which we have grown and matured together.  Our relationship has grown too, from being based on nagging, power-struggles and grumpiness to bursting with love, understanding and compassion.
  • He has also supported me while I undertake my journey for soul-searching across Europe, and has always said just the right words to encourage through all of this.  Thank you!

Thank you for mentors and teachers

  • Sita Dookeran, a meditation teacher and Reiki master formerly in Winnipeg,  was a mentor for my husband and me a few years ago. She taught us to love our own self, and helped see a grander view of the universe. Her teachings are what transformed my relationship with my husband into a spirit-based one, which set in motion many positive changes in my life.
  • Esther and Jerry Hicks, and their book Ask and it is Given. I love the way this book explains our energy field as human beings and then gives you examples of how to change it.
  • Neale Donald Walsch and his three Conversations with God books. These books really sparked the idea in me that we humans can live in a completely different way. I am fascinated by the books’ discussion on how life forms elsewhere in our universe are living their lives – based on love and compassion – and since then, I’ve been saying “yes! I want that!”
  • Outrageous Openness by Tosha Silver gives examples from the author’s life of the magic of the universe at work. This book made me smile with the stories she shares, and it reminded me that when you open yourself up, amazing things can happen.
  • Edward Hasbrouck‘s book The Practical Nomad was the one that really sparked the idea of travelling in me.

Thank you for geeks

Your turn now

You see the blank box below, waiting for you to fill it in?

Let’s keep this rhythm of love and gratitude going! Add your own thank-you note about any topic, and watch how the positive vibes of the universe come rushing to you.

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2 thoughts on “Thank you

  • Christine

    Hello Jean,

    I finally made it to your blog! I have already written down all the books you had listed and I am eager to read them. Also, your blog led me to link onto “The Celestine Prophecy” website So, now because of you I have many more things I want to learn and read about,

    • Jean Post author

      Welcome to my blog, Christine, and thank you for being the first to write on my “Thank you” page! I’m happy you find my site interesting!