Food for thought: Looking back

In this short blog post, I offer a bit of food for thought, something to consider regarding our current world situation.

Looking back

Over the course of history, our various world leaders have claimed that:

  • Women were not persons. [Read more]
  • Aboriginals were primitive societies to be assimilated. [Read more]
  • Black people were not as intelligent as White people.
  • Jews were the cause of economic problems. [Read more]
  • Canadian-born Japanese were all spies. [Read more]
  • Gay men were criminal sexual psychopaths and dangerous sexual offenders.  [Read more]

With time, perspectives changed and science evolved, and today, we can look at each of those claims and see that they are ridiculous.

Respect individual choice

Love thy neighbour. Respect the minority who are making different choices regarding their health and their use of pharmaceuticals.

… because I am fairly certain that in 50 years, perspectives will evolve and science will advance, and humanity will look back at 2020-2021 and say, “what were they thinking?”

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