Perhaps it’s time for something completely different

It’s been 9 months since our world began changing in unimaginable ways, and it feels to me that it’s time to take a different perspective. Things have been heading in one direction for a while now, and I’d like to share insights for, perhaps, a way we can move in a more uplifting direction.

The physical

For the past 9 months, we have tried every physical measure possible in order to “fight a virus”, yet somehow this bug seems to continue to be out of control. We’ve tried staying 2 metres apart, wearing a mask, wearing disposable gloves, sanitizing every imaginable surface (shopping carts, door handles, menus and tables in restaurants, payment terminals), limiting the number of people indoors and at restaurant tables, avoiding cash, banning reusable grocery bags and travel mugs, surrounding all service personnel with plastic boxes, avoiding touching vegetables in markets, closing change booths in clothing stores, removing magazines from planes, cordoning off playgrounds, sneezing into our elbow, not touching our face, disallowing clothing donations to charities, closing public washrooms… it seems we’ve taken every possible physical measure that we can do.

Yet, somehow we haven’t stopped this thing.

If all of these physical measures haven’t worked, perhaps it’s time to think of something else. What if we started to think of metaphysical measures we can take?

And you can interpret metaphysical as you wish: as either measures beyond just the physical ones above, or as the mystical and spiritual.

The metaphysical

So many of the people I turn to for my spiritual inspiration have said that these last months have been a time to do some deep introspection and find some healing.

You may not share my spiritual perspective, but you have to admit that 2020 has been a time to reflect on what’s important and to see what can be done differently.

I’m not saying anything new; I’m just passing on the message from the gurus I’m inspired by.

Your influence

I’ve previously written a post that looks at how you touch the people around you, both in positive and negative ways. I won’t repeat myself here, but you can read my blog post to remind yourself of how you can be a beacon of positivity to be able to spread positive waves of influence into the word; keep this in mind as you continue reading here.

The power of your mind

There is so much evidence out there that shows a link between your mental well-being and your physical well-being. Stress and anger have been linked with many physical symptoms, so it seems like it would be worthwhile to try to eliminate stress and anger from your life, and be as positive as you can be with people around you.

But I’d like to look at the power of your mind from a different angle.

You’ve heard of the placebo effect, I presume. The idea is that a person receives an inert substance that should logically not have any effect on the body, and is told that this substance will heal them. As far as science can tell, it’s the simple idea of using the substance, rather than the substance itself, that brings about changes in the body.

A term you may not have heard as often is the “nocebo”. (The word itself isn’t standard, but the word isn’t important. I’m looking at the concept.)

If someone tells you “this pill will heal you” and the mind follows up with positive changes in your body, does it seem like such a stretch that if someone tells you “this pill will hurt you”, your mind could do the same thing and make harmful changes to your body?

And if that doesn’t seem like such a stretch, could you imagine substituting “pill” with “door handle”, and seeing how that could affect your body?

And if that seems plausible, couldn’t the “door handle / pill” really be anything? To me, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to think that your mind could hear something like “in October, you will be sick” and have your body react accordingly. Especially if you hear “in October, you will be sick; in October, you will be sick; in October, you will be sick” over and over again.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

Now, let’s imagine a large group of people who have heard “second wave, second wave, second wave” consistently over time. Now it’s not just your own body and how it’s affected by your mind, but everybody’s mind within the group.

Your metaphysical measures

I hope that by now, you’re at least open to the idea that the power of your mind can have greater effects than you might have imagined before.

So what do you do about it?

For me, a lot of my “inner housekeeping” has been with the help of a spirit/life coach who guides me to look inward and handle my painful emotions in positive ways.

But if this isn’t the path you choose, there are many different methods to lift your energy, and when you lift your energy, the bonus is that you stop the clutter in your head such as “you’ll get sick.”

Here are some ideas:

  • Read uplifting books
    • My husband recently decided to put his police thriller books aside, and picked up some of the spiritual books in our library. The change in our household is practically tangible. Here are some great ideas to get you started:
      • A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle
      • The Four Agreements, Miguel Ruiz
      • Ask and it is Given, Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks
      • You can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay
      • The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton
      • Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch
  • Sitting meditation/breath work
    • I’m sure you’ve heard of meditation, and now that most of us have more time on our hands, why not give it a try?
    • I’m sure many people, when activities were cancelled in March, started filling their time with busywork, anything to fill the quiet. Why not take the time to simply sit, time for yourself? There are so many benefits to taking time to find stillness in your life and within yourself.
    • There are many ways of going about this; one day you’ll want soothing music, the next you may want quiet, and later you might enjoy the sound of an intermittent gong, or perhaps having a voice guide you through a visualization. You may enjoy sitting cross-legged, or upright in a chair, or lying down, or switching each day.
  • (Update: added August 2021) Psychedelic healing
    • A new tool that I discovered about a year ago, which has brought tremendous change in my life.
    • See my August 2021 blog post for details.
  • Qi gong
    • You may not believe the idea of universal qi energy passing through your body, but I believe you can still benefit from qi gong.
    • I see qi gong as kind of a meditation while moving, a great way to focus on the present moment while moving your body in calming ways.
    • Find a teacher that clicks with you, and add these exercises to your day. There are routines for specific physical or emotional conditions, and some for before bed or after waking. The important thing is to keep the mind centred on the exercise, and not whatever item on your to-do list that needs to get done.
  • Write a letter/journal
    • I mentioned above that many people are carrying anger/hate/fear and they’re lashing out at people around them. Letter writing/journaling is a method that allows you to express your emotions in the safety of your home.
    • Take pen to paper and write “Dear so-and-so, I am angry/sad/disappointed with you, because…” and see where your emotions take you. (Your “so-and-so” could be a politician, a family member, spouse, and you can write what you want; this is only between you and the pad of paper.)
    • If, after the letter-writing technique, you find yourself dealing with a lot of emotions, the next technique can help.
  • Emotional freedom technique
    • At first, I didn’t think this technique – also called tapping – would do much for me, but I’ve ended up adding it to my regular spiritual/emotional toolbox.
    • You can use this technique on your own, but I often find it helpful to have a video on YouTube guide me.
    • You can find different teachers showing you the technique and guiding you through a session, usually 5 to 10 minutes. In my opinion, a good teacher to start with is Brad Yates. You can type any emotion you’re dealing with into his channel’s search box and you’ll probably find something that fits. Brad even has videos for when you’re in a good mood and want to boost yourself even more.
  • Trauma (or tension) release exercises
    • The idea behind these exercises is that we get our body to start a natural process that releases trauma/tension that it may have been carrying for years.
    • I haven’t yet found one single source that I’d recommend, so you can search for books by the inventor of the technique (David Berceli), by another expert (Dr. Peter A Levine) or find YouTubers who demonstrate it. (You may have to watch a few and find a version that works for you.)

Before you begin

Remember that with some of these techniques, you may find that unpleasant emotions come up. That’s awesome! That means you are digging into old pain and letting it air out in a healthy setting. Stick with it! (For example, you may find yourself getting angrier as you follow one of Brad Yates’ tapping videos; that’s the point, so stick until the end of the video, and repeat if you feel like you need to.)

Will you try the metaphysical?

I hope that I’ve been able to inspire you to consider something different today. Why not give a chance to one or more of the techniques above? If the choice is continuing with old patterns or taking the time to make profound changes in your life (and, as a bonus, everyone around you), I believe the effort is worth it.

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