Seeing things differently

Sometimes, with time, we learn to see things differently. We might be so sure about something one day, and the next, we have a different opinion.  So, today I’m writing a short blog post to encourage you to step back and look at things in a new way. And, I’ll use Canada’s Food Guide as an example of how what’s “right” one day isn’t necessarily right with new information.

Canada’s Food Guide?

My Canadian (and American) readers will remember growing up “knowing” that we needed to drink milk each day because it was good for us.  Health experts and our government even created a guide to tell us this.  The 1942 version of the Canada’s Food  Guide even puts milk at the top of the list. (You can see it on Wikipedia.)

So, I’m sure that many of us felt that, because our government and health experts recommended it, we needed to consume (cow’s) milk each day.

And let’s jump to the 2019 version of the Guide. Wait… milk isn’t even there. (Have a look.)  

How is this? How could milk drop from first place to inexistence? Has the human body evolved so much over 70 years that we no longer need this product?

Or, perhaps our collective understanding (a.k.a. science) has evolved and our government no longer feels the need to recommend milk to its citizens.

Does this relate to today?

Has there been a recent recommendation from health experts and the government lately, that perhaps in 5, 10, 20 years we’ll believe is not necessary?  Is there something that we are all doing today that we are so sure about, that we know is right, that may turn out to be completely unnecessary once we have more understanding?

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