Simple little things to reduce your carbon footprint #4: Meatless Monday

In this fourth post of my series, I present another way to reduce your carbon footprint that can be easy and painless.

Keep an open mind for…

Meatless Monday

Try eliminating meat to reduce your carbon footprint

I won’t be writing an in-your-face blog post to push my vegan lifestyle on you.  In keeping with the spirit with this “reduce your footprint” series, I’ll simply say that raising animals for meat, milk and cheese consumption produces enormous amounts of greenhouse gases.

So, to do your part for our planet, why not have one meal a week where you don’t consume any of those products?  It can be easier than you think! Take a recipe that you’re familiar with and start with simple substitutions.

For example, if you have a favourite sloppy Joe recipe, why not make it next Monday using lentils instead of ground beef? Voilà! Big savings in greenhouse gases!

And, pretty much any stir-fry recipe I’ve seen can easily take chickpeas or beans instead of chicken.  And there you go, a much more eco-friendly meal!

To really go full-in to reduce your carbon footprint, keep an eye open for sneaky ingredients called-for in recipes, like beef broth and Worcestershire sauce.

If you’re the kind of person who “just can’t live without cheese”, then I don’t recommend trying a “cheeseless cheese” recipe for your first Meatless Monday.  Instead, experiment with a recipe that wouldn’t normally have cheese.

If you’ve never used tofu before, it can be an intimidating ingredient the first time you use it in a recipe. It’s a great way to substitute for meat, but for Meatless Beginners, I’d suggest trying beans and chickpeas instead.

I can’t promise that swapping out meat for beans or tofu will leave your recipes feeling just like they used to. But, this is about trying something different and making positive changes for our planet. If you keep up with meatless meals, I’m sure you’ll get used to it while your taste buds eventually stop questioning the new “foreign substances”.

If you speak another language and Meatless Monday doesn’t work but you like the alliteration, you could instead have:

  • Végévendredi
  • Fleischlose Freitag
  • Viernes vegetal
  • Quinta sem carne
  • 肉のない日曜日

And that’s it!  If you found your first Meatless Monday easy, then you may be ready for the sequel:  Meatless Monday 2uesday!

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