Simple little things to reduce your carbon footprint #3: Muscle your way through doors

Here is my third blog post where I share ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint that are easy and that you can start right way.

This one is simple enough:

Muscle your way through doors!

These “automatic caution doors” have a carbon footprint too. Let’s steer clear.

Nowadays, many public establishments have installed “Automatic Caution Doors”, allowing you to enter without any effort whatsoever.  Except, there’s that electricity needed to whoosh the door open and whoosh it closed again behind you.  Yes, I know that each individual opening-and-closing motion represents a tiny bit of electricity, but your muscles produce no carbon emissions at all, so why not open the door yourself? Think too about how these doors often stay open for at least two-Mississipis after you’ve walked through, letting all the inside air out (and, in a Prairie winter, that’s a lot of warm air just flying out the door!)

So, when you have the option and your hands aren’t full of groceries, consider going for the manual door when you next visit a mall or other establishment.

Oh, and leave that wheelchair access button for people who need it.

Pro tip: if you’re faced with a door that needs to be pushed and your hands are full, your bum makes a handy door-pushing tool.

And now we’ve incorporated another simple idea into our day-to-day life that doesn’t feel overwhelming. See? Making eco-friendly choices can sometimes be as easy as that.

Tip 3½: Share this post

If the current followers of my blog all started following the tips I’ve suggested so far in this series, we’d already be doing our part to keep our planet clean. Each reduction in our carbon footprint is a step in the right direction.

So, more readers equals an even greater positive impact. (I’ve done the math, it checks out ;-)) This is where you can help: share this post to spread this message out. Here are the “Share” buttons, in case you missed them.

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So share this series with your aunt Hortence if she loves to turn on her car and then start to fiddle with her makeup. Post this on uncle Hubert’s Facebook page if he crosses at every possible cross-walk. Tweet your cousin Hadley who loves to push the wheelchair access button. When you share these ideas with those around you, you’re helping promote a clean lifestyle that is a change for good in our world.

Now you’ve learned two simple things you can do for our planet. Easy, right?

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