Simple little things to reduce your carbon footprint #1: Safety first

This is my first blog post in what may turn into a series about things you can do to be gentler to Mother Earth without feeling overwhelmed by changes.   I think that when many people hear about the environment and all the changes – or some may say sacrifices – that are needed to help our planet, they become overwhelmed.  Making big changes seems scary, and I can understand that.

So, in this new series of blog posts, I’ll share ideas you can try out that will help turn your carbon footprint into a carbon toeprint.   If you make these changes, I’m sure you won’t feel like there’s been a huge upheaval in your life, like you’ve suffered big losses to incorporate them into your daily experience.  These are small things you can start doing right now, and every little step we take to take care of Mother Earth is worth it, in my opinion.

*I don’t know if “toeprint” is a word, but I won’t let a dictionary stunt my creativity

Tip #1: Safety first before driving off

It seems like the electric car revolution is at our doorstep. In the meantime, though, most of us are driving fuel-burning vehicles.  The car itself produces yucky emissions, and I won’t go into how the fuel gets from deep within the soil into your gas tank.  So, it seems logical to me that every drop of reduced fuel consumption is worth the effort.

So my tip for today: safety first!

Allow me to elaborate.

I often see people turn on their car engines, then buckle their seatbelts, adjust their mirrors, throw their bags in the back and finally drive off.  While you’re doing all that putzing around, your car is burning fuel and not doing much else. 

Let’s flip this around and save that minute of gas-guzzling.

Remember this sign when you get into your car. It’ll help you reduce your carbon footprint and keep you safe!

Safety first: buckle your seatbelt, then turn on your car.  You’ve just taken a step to cleaning up our air, and I bet you won’t at all feel like you’ve sacrificed anything.

And to my readers from the Canadian Prairies, you’ll likely be thinking about starting your car at 30 degrees below and letting it warm up.  Though I’m not an expert on combustion engines, I’ve heard that the time a car needs to warm up is much less than people think. 

With this change and reducing your car’s idle time, you’re already doing your part to keep our air clean. That wasn’t too difficult, eh?

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