Let there be (more) light

I haven’t posted anything in my blog in a while, so I thought I’d take the opportunity to write a quick message, with winter now officially here.

More light!

Yesterday was the winter solstice, which means that it was the shortest day of sunlight. That means that starting today, the trend of darkness creeping up sooner and sooner in the day is reversing.

So, if you’ve found the last few weeks difficult with less and less sunshine greeting you each day, remember that things are already turning around. Yesterday was as dark as it’s going to get, and today has given us a few more minutes of sunlight, and tomorrow will have a little more.

Personally, each year I feel a little caught by surprise when December 21 is “already here”, that the brighter days are now just around the corner. Just when I’m tired of the sun setting so early, the cycle of longer days starts up.

I think this time of year is a good reminder that whenever things seem to be getting difficult, things can turn around before you know it.

This too shall pass.

So, I hope everyone enjoys their holiday season in the next few days. I wish everyone a great year ahead, full of new potential and greatness. If you’ve had some rough patches in 2018, remember that these too will pass, and 2019 can bring awesome opportunities.


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