About me

Hi there! I’m Jean.  It’s a French name, so you pronounce it [ʒɑ̃] like Jean-Luc Picard, and not [dʒiːn] like Gene Roddenberry.  Except, don’t pronounce it like Jean-Luc Picard because he always pronounced the N at the end, which is what you’d expect when an English actor plays a Frenchman.

So, you may have surmised by this introductory paragraph that I’m a bit of a linguist (the International Phonetic Alphabet is your clue) and a Star Trek fan. But there’s more to me than that.

I feel like I straddle two worlds: I’ve got the nerdy, web-developer, linguist, Buffy-fan, Trek-lover, guy-who-reads-the-Globe-and-Mail-and-pretends-to-understand-it part on one side, while on the other side I’ve got the Hindu / Buddhist who believes that we all have the power for greatness within us and that what you read in the Globe and Mail isn’t really important because it’s just an illusion anyway.

I worked for a large national corporation in Winnipeg for 15 years, until my heart told me it was time for a change. I’ve never made such a drastic change in my life, so we’ll see how this goes.

What’s with this website’s name?

This site started off when I decided I wanted my own domain name after my internet service provider sold its email services to Microsoft. I didn’t want my email to be Hotmail-based, and I didn’t want to change internet providers, so I chose to get a domain name of my very own.  I wanted the name to work in both English and French, my two native languages. I searched bilingual dictionaries for true cognates (that’s a fancy term for words that have the same meaning in two languages), and I wanted the words to have the same spelling  in both languages.  I found “bureau” and “disco” and it turns out they sounded fun together!

Now, I’m using Bureau of Disco to write blogs for friends and family back home to read about my upcoming European adventures.

“What advendures?”, you ask yourself. Well, you can read my blog to find out more.

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