Let there be (more) light

Yesterday was the winter solstice, which means that it was the shortest day of sunlight. That means that starting today, the trend of darkness creeping up sooner and sooner in the day is reversing.

Change, change and more change

Most of my readers know that my husband and I packed our bags to move half way across the country.  Another change in our life without a plan.  So, how is it working out?

Deeper perspectives in two years

Two years ago on this day, I left behind my well-known, secure job in the corporate world, and today I decided to write another “looking back” post, sharing my thoughts on what I’ve learned since then.

A quick look at where I travelled during my 2015 vacation.

Let’s increase our vocabulary – how cool is your body!

I’ve noticed a trend when it comes to our languages’ vocabulary with regards to our bodies, so I thought I’d try out something fun with my readers. Our current vocabulary So, here’s what I’ve noticed: our language has an inordinate amount of vocabulary to talk about things that aren’t working […]