Simple little things to reduce your carbon footprint #1: Safety first

This is my first blog post in what may turn into a series about things you can do to be gentler to Mother Earth without feeling overwhelmed by changes.   I think that when many people hear about the environment and all the changes – or some may say sacrifices – […]

What’s in a number? A digit by any other name would smell as sweet

With a round-number birthday coming up (next year, anyway), I thought I’d share some of my thoughts on milestone anniversaries. I’ll take a bit of a detour through science-fiction to explain my thoughts, but I hope you’ll stick with me and that at the end of this, you’ll see these time markers a little differently.

Let there be (more) light

Yesterday was the winter solstice, which means that it was the shortest day of sunlight. That means that starting today, the trend of darkness creeping up sooner and sooner in the day is reversing.

Change, change and more change

Most of my readers know that my husband and I packed our bags to move half way across the country.  Another change in our life without a plan.  So, how is it working out?